The Concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement

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27/02/2020 03:20 AM

The Concept of
the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement,
Basic Nature and Functions

by: Berhe Desta / Seattle, Washington, USA

The Concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement‘s Priority Tasks for Action

The Concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement
Basic Nature and Functions
by: Berhe Desta / Seattle, Washington, USA

The Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement is the movement of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is based on a one person one vote principled membership system of Mass organizing process, on the basis of a city by city approach, the world over, with a strong slogan of Yeakle, Organize, not Agonize!!

The main owners of the Yeakle Mass Movement are the individual members of the involved cities of a given country. The leadership responsibilities are structured in a bottom up progression. Each member city, within a given country, is represented by three delegates, specifically tasked to aggressively mobilize and organize Eritreans in the Diaspora to the different opposition camps. But the delegated Task Forces’ limited actions and decisionmaking authority are strictly subject to the prior approval of their respective city’s individual members. That means the delegated Task Force (ወፈራ) members are the agents of the member city’s individual members. With the realization that more than 95% of Eritreans in the Diaspora are not yet politically organized, we must conduct a new, research-based approach to optimize local and national organizing processes. Right from the beginning, providing basic public orientation about the superior features of the Yeakle Mass Movement, at the city level is very important, for the purpose of informed decision makings.

The Yeakle Mass Movement’s Main goals are as follows:

1) To collaboratively and cooperatively work with all Eritrean opposition groups, organizations and civic societies to hurriedly and aggressively mobilize and organize Eritreans, in the Diaspora, with an emphasis on bringing the 95% plus of Eritreans who are not yet organized, to the opposition camps.

2) To bring a fundamental government change in Eritrea, by all means possible, and within the shortest time possible.

The Yeakle Movement works through Task Force efforts, in collaboration with all other opposition forces. Organization starts at the city level, during the initial aggregate call for national salvation. Short term and long term goals are well defined. Upon reaching a consensus (ፍጹም ስምምዕ) a broad, highly inclusive Road Map, engineered by the Framers, is presented. The Road Map includes all Eritrean demographics & ethnic groups, for the purpose of organizing a collaborative political umbrella that harnesses all groups, organizations, Task Forces & civic societies, all solidified, against a common enemy, called Esayas Afeworki. To reach this solemn agreement, the Task Force acts as the main facilitator, while the rest of the Movement will keep trekking side by side with it. Each group mobilizing new members, in their own ways, until the finish line (international level) is reached. Since the sole responsibility of the Task Force is to exponentially organize and bring new recruits (about 10fold) to the opposition camps, its members do not assume any organizational positions, nor do they oppose or replace any group or organization. However, in order for the Task Force to get commendable traction, with better unity and future sustainability, its work practices must be based on openness, full of transparency, honesty and moral integrity. Such highly encouraging environment will uplift the spirit of the Deleyti Fetehi to get energized and fully engaged. The present phase of our struggle demands extraordinary commitments and sacrifices, which will be our guarantee for a speedy victory.

Such unprecedented collaboration and mutual understanding will grow in an environment that is completely free of antagonism, blackmailing, attacks and friction among the different opposition groups.

The organizing process involves three stages, namely, the city, the national and the global or (international) level. The City (local) level is where the main base is being anchored. The targeted goal is to organize 80-120, out of 19,541, incorporated cities of the United States. Once such adequate numbers of cities are being organized, nationally, their respective reps will call each other, for the purpose of centralization, under a single leadership. New, common By Laws will be drafted to guide them. When regular or special, local or national, meetings are scheduled and announcements are made to the members, widely practiced Parliamentary Rules should be applied. When a meeting is called, the following information should be disclosed to all expected participants:

1)The purpose of the meeting, 2) The date of the meeting, 3) The meeting’s agenda, action and non-action items, and 4) The address of the meeting place, and the starting time and duration of the meeting.

This information should be provided with at least two weeks of advance Notice, in writing, so that the participants can make necessary arrangements with their ordinary life plans. However, such fundamental procedural steps are absent under the present vision’s plan. vision.

Much is being said about the nature and functions of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement, which is broadly embraced, all over the world. The Concept of the Movement offers a great potential for generating the most optimal public participation, through the global unity process, where no single opposition group will be left out uninvited. That is what democracy in practice is all about. However, very few reform-minded groups, are, without revealing their real motives, posing a threat to the fast paced, smooth Mass organizing process.
Therefore, such counterproductive obstructions should be stopped, without any delay.


The research-based concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement is people-powered, fueled by fired up, proactive, youth and women. It is uniquely positioned to address Eritreans’ lingering unity problems, from the perspective of what the needs and wants of the people, actually are. By applying new approaches, strategies and tactics conducive for the attainment of the stated goals, we can reach the ultimate unity, within the shortest time possible (six months only). For further details, refer to the article titled, “The Concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement & Its Advantages, ” The Bayto members have been expressing in loud echo and clear tones that they are Task Force members, answerable to the individual members of their respective (involved) cities. But in actual practice, they have unilaterally transformed the right path to fruition, to a misguided line of obstruction & sectarian line of impediment (ሳግላ ብላዕ፡ ግን ኣይትቕላዕ፡ ኮይኑ)፡ as shown by the attached pictorial diagram, which threatens to create a divisive schism, because they have left out large segments of the Eritrean Society. For the purpose of sustainable unity and expeditious national salvation, however, the transformed Task Force efforts should be reverted back to the right course, consistent with the Yeakle Mass Movement’s vision and plan, without any delay.

The scope of the potential results of the impediment may seem simple on the surface, but it really warrants an in-depth analysis. The good intentioned concerns of some innocent Eritrean citizens who question the intervention of the writer is quite understandable, but the impending dangers from what Esayas and Abiy are secretly and deceptively doing about Eritrea’s future, also require us to collectively and individually think deeper, in terms of prioritizing our approaches and strategies to properly challenge them in unison and at the same time, how best we can tackle our chronic unity, problems.

The Eritrean Social Media Networks also have moral responsibility to play a significant role in prioritizing agenda items that have the highest positive impact on Eritrea’s national interests. An example in point is the attached Article, titled, “Happy New Year 2020 for Eritrea. Yes, those Social Media Networks should create a global platform, where best ideas and scenarios for national salvation, can be competitively debated in the open, by different groups, organizations and individuals. That is the only way that the Eritrean people will have the best opportunity to participate in the political discourse, and democratically pick their leadership choice(s). But, in the present Eritrean political landscape, time is of the essence.

Thank you, very much.
Berhe Desta
United State of America
February 18th, 2020

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