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25/01/2020 19:25 PM



by Kiki Tzeggai



It is up to us to erase the marks of pain! And it is up to the abuser to follow the path of conscience!

They could not stop us with shackles. They hanged us in public places so we would learn submission, instead our screams they heard and we Screamed in unison that Eritrea is free and we will spit fire on you, as long as you will kill us! For five decades, they thought they could surround us, but we overflew like powerful rivers and broke down all their levees and barriers! We destroyed them! The road was purer hell and filled with thorns, but we walked in unity! We never surrendered! We patiently followed the path to freedom and we gifted each other with independence from Ethiopian slavery!

Our independence day was a feast for the eyes, the likes of which the world had never seen! Eritreans have gained many victories crossing land and mountains, reaching sensitive decision by splitting hairs! The road Eritreans walked in unity was never one we feared as a new start and a free country! The road we are facing now is filled with betrayal, but we can cross fire if we stand united. Otherwise, we will bend and sway as a leaf abandoned to the wind! When the horses and the dogs are mixed up, criminals seem to create confusion and obscure our future! That is never the case with Eritreans. We always prevails! Always, always! If need be, we will make our Red Sea many more seas and our rivers many more rivers to share and benefit others respectful of our ownership! Our guidance are the Creator’s rules and the deeds of our elders. Our wish for peace reached the four corners of the world; our powerful message for reconciliation has made – so far – the world look small!

Eritreans are worth of their mothers’ milk and their fathers’ blood shared in quest for freedom and protection of our borders! May the Eritrean flag never fall in disgrace due to lack of unity and betrayal of our own. May we never fall to despair. For, we have lost the best to attain freedom from Ethiopian slavery and we have cried too much to brake the chains of said slavery!

The world became ours when we saw our flag wave in the free wind of Eritrea and we were willing to share it with countries in need of access to the sea. However, sharing never meant selling our land; individuals cannot sell a country because it belongs to Eritrean generations to come for the next centuries, for eternity!

Eritrean women waived when men chased the hungry hordes of Ethiopians soldiers attacking our houses. Eritrean elders prayed and raised orphans that will never know the joy of a mother’s hug and the warmth of a father’s hand leading them to school. Eritreans never will forget the horror of rushing to surrounding neighborhoods streets to identify the corpses neatly lined up by the enemy. All guilty of being proud Eritreans; arrested during the dark pitch of night by Ethiopian soldiers. How could we be asked to forget cut limbs thrown around Asmara and the pain of assembling human parts as if they were pieces of Lego game! How could Eritreans be asked to forget the smell of human flesh burned as if autumn leaves in Shaeeb? They screamed through the thick flames of a burned Mosque. Human remains burned together and buried together as hard as an individual trunk of a tree; denied the white shroud of final preparations towards infinity. How could humanity at large and our neighbor to the south, forget about our pain? Eritreans survived so much hardship, and yet we are not scared to face more if need be to reach true peace! Our fury is now directed at the impotence of the so-called “Eritreans opposition groups” in the diaspora refusing to acknowledge the pain, the suffering of the victims in Libya and the Sinai deserts! The daily deportation of weeping children. Their low benchmark is stagnating both hope and trust! To quote Audre Lorde “Your silence will not protect you!” Facing the same enemy that speaks with fifty tongues and each lies! Our need for connection might be particularly important now, because fragmentation of our fight might lead to a sense of vulnerability and loss of control. Our war for freedom was the deepest stress we thought we could encounter; but it lead to incredible acts of heroism, sacrifices for one another and we built deep friendships! Countless of our Tegadeltys have perished running to a line of fire to save civilians. This kind of love and dedication created a bonding that despite the agony of war, make us long to protect our land. Some Eritreans might bow to the current campaigns of hugs, holding hands to cut bridal looking cake or nonsense claims of holding our Eritrea under their thumbs, like temporary successes. We should unite because all of the above, cannot compare to our determination to keep our land that is just that, OURS! They are only noises that cannot take over our dreams for change.

Once the enemy was crushed and on the run, it could not erase our anger that consumed us, but united Eritreans roared like lions! We did no evil and never bowed to evil! Our fight for freedom was either to win or to die with honor. If our pain was a test from our Creator, Eritreans endured the pain, carried on in unity and our reward was our free land, from east to west; our own rivers and our sea as banners! Our Martyrs’ legacy is our foundation to protect our land.

May our unity prevail and our freedom be eternal. Eritreans travelled many roads, lost loved ones, but with unshaken determination and faith in our cause, we never gave up! At present times, Eritreans are holding hands to escape the darkness surrounding us. Following the path of our Veterans that gave hope to the poor, scared evil away and protected the innocents. Together we are stronger! There will never be a goodbye among Eritreans as long as we share one heart and stand tall to protect our borders! United for eternity, we are! Our loyalty to a free Eritrea will never stop and our destination will be our land that goes from north to south and cross our Red Sea as the utmost birthright given to us by the Creator! When things seem no longer balanced, putting ourselves on a war footing is not enough! We need to trust each other and hold hands; each of us becomes a gust that no one stronger can ever break! With prayers of our elders – be it at Mosques or Churches – no army on earth can be stronger than united Eritreans! No one could ever stop us then and no smiling snakes can stop Eritreans now!

The heaven we promised our Martyrs lies in our unity. The innocents and oppressed look up at us. This thirst for freedom is in the DNA we share! May our unity ensure that no enemy of Eritrea remains undefeated! We made the world comprehend about our reach and our mighty when we stand united! As long as the blue sky and Mother Earth exists, Eritrea will exists between the two! As long as we are not broken, all they try to do is take a dip in our Red Sea. They cannot pollute our sea with some drop of poisoned sweat, soon to be removed! Little stones will not be obstacles to our gathering fury! The thunders and the lightening cold not cover the chants of our Freedom Fighters! In timeless eras, our ancestors told us that we are the children of brave men and brave women! The Greek history quoted our existence and the pharaohs of Egypt bowed to our pride! That is where anyone can find the traces of our history! Thousand years of history are steaming towards thousand years more! In unity, we will crash the head of any snake daring to cross our borders. Anything we disregard today will haunt us tomorrow.

It will take long before the six millions we are, will give up! Our honor is to protect our land and we do not consult or bargain when our honor is in question! The cowards will die each day, while the courageous die but one time as heroes! Kittens never could scare the lions we are!

Our Martyrs walked a thorny road; our will of steel and courage of Goliath is how our history began and will forever go on!

A free Eritrea is forever!

Kiki Tzeggai

January 23, 2020

"Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything."

"Peace is a wall we will all create by building it brick-by-brick together". (Trade mark)

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