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Happy New Year 2024 to Eritrea and Eritreans. By Berhe Desta

13/03/2024 16:05 PM

Happy New Year 2024
to Eritrea and Eritreans.

by Berhe Desta, United States of America

Happy New Year 2024 to Eritrea and Eritreans. By Berhe Desta, United States of America.

Happy New Year 2024 to Eritrea and Eritreans. By Berhe Desta, United States of America.

Happy New Year 2024 to Eritrea and Eritreans, and may the year 2024 become the year of defiance and absolute objection to the continuation of the 32 years rule of the unfortunate country by the heinous, iron fisted, dictator called Isayas Afeworki.

The nation of Eritrea cheerfully gained its independence after an arduous and very costly armed struggle of 30 years, against an occupying army of Ethiopia, in 1991. Right after independence, an iron fisted, self-proclaimed president for life, Isayas Afeworki and a handful of collaborators, defiantly seized power, by betraying the Trust of and the promise to their martyred colleagues. In the 32 years of rule since independence, they have destroyed the country beyond repair, socio-economically and politically. After the Eritrean people ratified their independence, through a referendum of 99.98 vote in 1993, the dictator terrorized the whole country by depriving the people of all their democratic rights. He denied them the basic freedom of speech, free movement, free press, the freedom to assemble, and allowed no parliament or court of law, and no national constitution. In short, the country was left without any functioning government framework. In addition, pertaining to government funded public services, there is no economic budget, public health and medical services, adequate educational programs and national defense force. The police and military forces are hired not for national defense and security, but exclusively for personal protection of the dictator. In short, the country is left without any governmental framework. Any Eritrean(s), who showed any signs of opposition individually, in groups or at an organizational level, were either mercilessly killed or thrown to prisons, without any chance of appearing before any court of law, in order to determine their guilt or innocence, because there is no court system in the whole country.

The highly deceptive and lawless dictator in the state of Eritrea does not provide any meaningful government-funded public service programs for its citizens. Therefore, he has no justification to institute the so-called students national military service. Despite such illegality, he started the student military service program in 1994, with the idea of keeping them out of his way. Unless he keeps them in bay, the young generation would not give him peace. He cynically instituted an exploitative system of slavery, under the guise of Eritrean national military service program from the age of 16 years and older, for a period of 18 months, but in practical terms, it is a non ending service program. One example of Isayas’s deceptive practices is that when the recruits who luckily get any chance to be released from the nonending service program, which may even be after 30 years of service, the leaving certificate that they are provided with, will deceptively show that he /she has served 18 months of military service, instead of the actual number of years of service.

Under the students military service program, the recruits are being used as slaves to provide free service for the army brass’s personal business interests, or for government run businesses. For the females, it is a double jeopardy. They are being used as free labor and sex slaves. The unwanted sex exploitation, especially by the army brass, most of whom are married ones, is rampant and toxic, and such national disgrace and other merciless crimes, committed by the army echelon are tacitly endorsed by the heinous dictator are also regretfully viewed by the general public, as business as usual. The military system is so toxic that some of the generals and colonels have been heavily involved in humane trafficking and selling human organs from the displaced Eritrean youth. Since the country is ruled solely by the imbecile dictator’s intuitive decrees, the country had become, and still is a living hell, for its people. A substantial percentage of the Eritrean people are living in extremely crowded and very filthy prisons and underground silos, under extremely horrible, and very hard to describe living conditions. On the basis of such totally unbearable living environment, the general public, young and seasoned, are left with no any other alternatives, but to continuously flee the country to wherever their feet lead them to.

While people were fleeing the country for safety, that phenomenon gave Isayas Afeworki’s highly corrupt and toxic colonels and genera’s great business opportunity to conduct human trafficking and selling human organs (kidneys) to the highest bidder. Some of the fleeing youngsters were heading on their journey to Israel via the Sinai desert were facing untold problems, including detentions, tortures and even deaths at great proportions, while others were perishing in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Western democracies. While conducting such unethical and immoral lucrative business enterprises, nobody was caught and brought to justice of the culprits in Eritrea, because such activities were done with the tacit approval of the cardinal of sin, dictator in Eritrea. That being the case with the background information of what Isayas Afework had inflicted upon the state of Eritrea and its people. But right now, the era of the Eritrean struggle has fortunately changed for the better, with the advent of the trailblazing of the Briged Nhamedu Movement spearheaded by the gallant young men and women demography of the Eritrean populus. The rising up of the Briged Nhamedu to the occasion has exponentially escalated the momentum of the national struggle to a level of unprecedented magnitude, and it is widely admired and supported by all hues of the Eritrean communities. However, an agenda of higher Priority is missing, and it needs to be pursued in the very near future, without any delay. It is the idea of hiring an attorney who has an extraordinary expertise in writing international contracts and treaties, so that he can help us challenge individuals or governments who illegally intend to sign contracts and treaties with Isaya Afeworki, representing the state of Eritrea, while indeed, Isayas Afeworki has no legal authority to sign anything of material value, because he has been unilaterally and illegally ruling Eritrea without any national constitution or any sort of government structure or court of law, for over 32 years. And that can be initiated and pursued by Briged ‘Nhamedu, who have an all out support of all demographics of the Eritrean society.

Happy New Year, and cheers to the New Year, 2024.

Long Live to our Martyrs.

Berhe Desta
United States of America

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