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In Defense of Brigade Nhamedu

13/09/2023 15:25 PM

In Defense of Brigade Nhamedu

by Dr. Gebre Gebremariam

In Defense of Brigade Nhamedu, Dr. Gebre Gebremariam

In Defense of Brigade Nhamedu,
Dr. Gebre Gebremariam.

We, the Eritrean Justice Seekers, should stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, Brigade Nhamedu, who are courageously protesting the Eritrean dictatorial regime and its sponsored fund-raising events in many parts of the world. Brigade Nhamedu is a movement, mainly composed of, of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers who have been protesting the brutal and oppressive tyrannical regime of Issaias Afwerki, first by voting through their feet, and these days via organized demonstrations. The fund-raising events are a way of legitimizing and financing this brutal and repressive system. Hence, via these demonstrations, Brigade Nhamedu is: -

1) denouncing the regime's brutal repression of the Eritrean people, its violation of their human rights and dignity, and its plundering of their resource,

2) demanding an end to the indefinite national service, the release of all political prisoners, and the restoration of the rule of law and democracy in Eritrea,

3) demanding democracy, human rights, and justice for their people, who have been suffering under a brutal dictatorship for decades,

4) courageously exposing the lies and crimes of the regime and demanding accountability and justice,

5) calling for an end to the complicity and silence of some governments and organizations that have enabled the regime's atrocities, and

6) calling on the international community to support the Eritrean people’s legitimate struggle for freedom and justice, and to hold the regime accountable for its crimes against humanity.

Brigade Nhamedu is not only a political struggle, but also a humanitarian one. They are facing enormous challenges in their host countries, such as discrimination, poverty, insecurity, and lack of access to basic services. They are also at risk of deportation, detention, and violence from the authorities and other groups. Despite these hardships, they are determined to continue their fight for freedom and dignity. They are not afraid to speak out and expose the crimes of the Eritrean regime, which has been accused of gross human rights violations, such as torture, slavery, forced conscription, and extrajudicial killings. They are also raising awareness and solidarity among the international community, calling for action and support for their cause. As a movement, Brigade Nhamedu is a courageous and inspiring example of resistance and resilience. They deserve our respect and admiration for their unwavering commitment to democracy and human rights. They are not only defending themselves, but also the future of their country and their people. TO BE EXACT, THEY ARE A VOICE OF HOPE AND RESISTANCE FOR THE PEOPLE OF ERITREA AND THEY DESERVE OUR ENCOURAGEMENTS AND SUPPORT FOR THEIR NOBLE STRUGGLE. TO CHARACTERIZE BRIGADE NHAMEDU OTHERWISE IS UNWARRANTED, DECEPTIVE, AND UNCHARACTERISTIC OF A DECENT AND HEALTHY MIND. UNLESS YOU ARE A BUDDY OF THE DEVIL, YOU SHOULD APPLAUSE WHEN THE REGIME (DEVIL) GETS ITS DUE.

ዲክታቶር ዝሃቦ ማዕዳ፡ ሰራዊት ኤርትራ ን ብርጌድ ንሓመዱ ክስዕብ ኣለዎ!!! ንስኹም እቶም ተጣቅዑ በሉ መርድእ ስምዑ። Game over....


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