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Snitna Network - Seminars Directory

18/06/2022 04:42 AM Updated

Snitna Network & Sinit

Seminars Directory
ብ`ስኒትና ከምኡ`ውን ስኒት፡ ዝተኻየዱ ሰሚናራት

Snitna Network - Seminars Directory

18.   Seminar Date: 17/07/2021

State Building.
ህንጸት መንግስቲ
بناء الدولة

State Building بناء الدولة ህንጸት መንግስቲ

Presenter: Dr Kidane Mihreteab.
Discussants (ተዛተይቲ):
Dr. Ibrahim Siraj
Dr. Awet T. Weldemichael.

Moderator: Ms. Kawser Abdurahman
Organiser: Snitna Network & Sinit
Date: 17/07/2021
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2.   Seminar Date: 03/10/2020

Family is the base of a healthy society.
How do we assess its current status? What should we do to ensure its normal and constructive functions in our society?
ስድራቤት፡ መሰረት ምፍጣር ቅርዑይ ሕብረተሰብ ኢያ። ኣብዛ እዋን ዚኣ ተርኣ ብኸመይ ይግምገም? ንቡርን ሃናጺን ተግባራታ ንክትጻወት`ከ እንታይ ክግበር ኣለዎ?
الأسرة هي أساس المجتمع الصحي. كيف نقيم وضعها الحالي؟ ماذا يجب أن نفعل لضمان دورها الطبيعي والبناء في مجتمعنا؟

Family is the base of a healthy society - ስድራቤት፡ መሰረት ምፍጣር ቅርዑይ ሕብረተሰብ እያ።

Presenter: Dr Mussie Tesfagiorgis
& Dr Amanuel Mehreteab

Moderator: Mr. Goitom Mebrahtu
Organiser: Snitna Network
Date: 03/10/2020
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