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Fund Raising
Dr. Nerayo Teklemichael-

urgent appeal to all Eritreans and friends of Eritrea.


To: All Eritreans, Friends and Colleagues of Dr. Nerayo

Subject: Fund Raising for Dr. Nerayo Teklemichael- urgent appeal to all Eritreans and friends of Eritrea.

Dr. Nerayo Teklemichael was a member of the EPLF Medical Team that performed miraculous medical work in the mountains and deserts of Sahel during Eritrea’s struggle for Independence.

Dear friends:

The once crucial member of the EPLF medical team, and frequent emissary to Europe and America in search of assistance for the miraculous work that he and his comrades were performing in Sahel, is now a victim of two deadly diseases. Yes, Dr. Nerayo Teklemichael has been stricken with both Alzheimer’s and ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), diseases that have totally crippled him mentally and physically. The Alzheimer’s is in an advanced stage causing near total loss of memory, and the ALS has crippled his arms. In other words Dr. Nerayo is completely helpless and dependent on others, which right now means his wife, Elsa.


As it happens, Dr. Nerayo is not eligible to the American health service system known as Medicare and Medicaid. This means that all the astronomical medical expenses that are beyond his ability to pay will have to be paid from funds raised from friends and colleagues like you. To those ends, his wife Elsa has opened an appropriate bank account in Seattle, USA. (For details, see below).

IT CAN BE DONE. IT MUST BE DONE. A Veteran and hero of the Eritrean liberation war, like Dr. Nerayo who sacrificed his career and life for the cause of liberation of his people cannot be left to face such a cruel fate alone. We will not allow it; we will answer the call and make life for Nerayo as comfortable and tolerable as possible and assist Elsa in the Herculean task she is facing. We will not leave them alone and forget our duties as fellow citizens and friends. We will organize the fund raising efforts systematically calling upon volunteers in USA, EUROPE and anywhere with the aim of raising enough money to take care of all that Nerayo and his wife need in this difficult time. In his golden years when he should have a quiet, comfortable and meaningful old age, he is suffering tremendous pain.
To that end we will come up with suggestions on organizational and related information. But each potential donor can take initiative to organize fundraising events as circumstances demand, be it done on regional basis (cities, regions etc.) or individually informally organized among friends and families. Meanwhile, please note of the details of the bank account which has been opened in both names of Nerayo and Elsa, which are as follow:

Via Bank of America CHECKING ACCOUNT:

Account number: 1381 2379 1045
ACH Routing Number: 125000024
Address: 1608 NE 189th Street SHORELINE, WA 98155


Bank of America’s SWIFT Code is: BOFAUS3N (to be used for incoming wires in US Dollars or foreign currency).
SWIFT codes may be required by some banks for the completion of wire transfers.

• By money order or cashier’s check:

Please make it payable to:

Dr. Nerayo Teklemichael and/or Mrs. Elsa Mesmer,
and mail to the following address:
Address: 1608 NE 189th Street SHORELINE, WA 98155

We thank you in advance. Dr. Nerayo, family and friends.

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