26/01/2018 00:10 AM


Ararat Eyob 1953-2018

by Kiki Tzeggai


Dear friend, today you take your last trip in this planet earth and will take residency in Heaven.

If I have to tell others what kind of a friend you were, how do I start? You were made of an exterior of steel and an interior of kindness. You were an Angel sent to earth for one mission and yet, you took on you so much that we lost count about all you did for Eritrea and Eritreans. You were a fighter for refugees, and a rescuer of women’s rights.

Ararat Eyob, in that dark jail at Ghibi prisons, (Enda Afras) the enemy could not make you stop when you gave inspiration to other prisoners. You told them that the enemy never owned the power to break us. With your soft voice, you silenced demons. For all the things we have held, by far one of the best is you.

When I will miss you beyond words I will remember you told me that falling down is part of life and getting up is called courage.

I promise to dry away the silent tear. Farewell my friend.

Kiki Tzeggai
January 26, 2018

"Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything."

" Peace is a wall we will all create by building it brick-by-brick together". (Trade mark)


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In Loving Memory: Ararat Iyob

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