The Concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement‘s Priority Tasks for Action

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17/02/2020 02:50 AM

The Concept of
the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement‘s
Priority Tasks for Action

by: Berhe Desta / Seattle, Washington, USA

The Concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement‘s Priority Tasks for Action

The Concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement‘s Priority Tasks for Action
by: Berhe Desta / Seattle, Washington, USA

The Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement is a Movement of the people, by the people, and for the people, which has uniquely approached the lingering Eritrean political unity problems from a research-based perspective, to identify the main problems, causes and effects, and actual remedies. The Yeakle Movement is a city-by-city initiative, based on a one person one vote membership approach. Since lack of organized public participation in a single opposition fold is the greatest challenge, the main goal of the movement is to optimally mobilize and organize the vast majority of the Eritrean masses, through Task Force efforts. Its practices are guided by openness, transparency, high integrity and morality.

The present, uniquely divided and disintegrated Eritrean society in the Diaspora is a result of a half century long systematic campaign of a psychopath, called Esayas Afeworki, who was a political recruit of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and the American CIA, in 1969.

Esayas Afewrki deceptively joined the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) Movement, pretending to be a well-intended member of the movement. But his hidden, true agenda was to sabotage the ELF movement from within. Right after joining the movement, it didn’t take him very long to move up through the ranks. And by that time, he had decided to become the supreme leader of the movement. In order to succeed on his grand plan, he secretly and systematically started liquidating all of those whom he suspected could get in the way of his wild dream. He instituted a new culture of mercilessly killing innocent combatants with extreme secrecy, and at the same time, killing those who committed the killings for him, so that his evil acts could not be traced. Most of the cream of the crop of the Eritrean fighting forces were systematically liquidated by Esayas, rather than in the conventional war of fighting the external enemy. Those unusually secretive tactics were his main weapons for taking control of the movement.

The main ingredients for the success of his grand goal were the following:

1) He started systematically picking up fighters who seemed to be “yes” men or women, who would commit his evil plans, including innocent human killings, without any question being asked.

2) When he first ordered innocent combatants do the proxy killings, they will feel guilty. But after doing it again and again, they came to accept that they had no way out so long as Esayas is in power.

3) He became a master of lies, deception and coercion, and a unique expert in dividing the combatants along ethnic, regional and religious lines. That means, he became the master of the theory of “divide and rule.”

4) He used a systematic and secretive policy of extreme cruelty in mercilessly liquidating unsuspecting innocent combatants, which terrorized the Eritrean fighters in particular, and the Eritrean people in general.

5) He systematically destroyed the Eritrean culture, religions, the social fabric of the Eritrean society. He started sowing poisonous seeds of hatred, encouraging people to grudgingly oppose and act with extreme cruelty against one another..

Instituting such silent and unpublished policies, he succeeded in subduing the Eritrean people out of extreme psychological terror and fear. He managed to unilaterally grab the political power with little opposition. Now roughly 29 years since -independence, the country is still without national constitution, and has no governmental structure worthy of an independent nation. The national socio-economic and political damage that Esayas has inflicted upon Eritrea and its people are beyond measure no volumes of books could fully cover it.

At this very moment, however, Esayas, the delusionary Eritrean president, has stated that his main interest is not about Eritrea or its border issues, but the unity of Ethiopia. Many more statements has demonstrated his lack of concerns for Eritrea’s interests. Such behavioral manifestations from the supposedly Eritrean president have angered many Eritrean citizens, and he is now more disconnected from the Eritrean people, than ever. Despite all that, Esayas is still in power due to lack of unity of Eritreans in the Diaspora. This must change, without delay.

The best chance for Eritreans in the Diaspora to come to total unity and eventually achieve a fundamental government change in Eritrea is to continue with the concept of the Eritrean Yeakle Mass Movement. This Movement is the best way to optimally mobilize and organize the Eritrean people in the Diaspora, and with much better chance of getting us to fruition, within the shortest time span, and yet, without leaving a single Eritrean behind. Its ultimate focus is on bringing the 95% plus of Eritreans in the Diaspora, who are not yet organized, to the opposition camps.

The uniqueness of the research-based approaches, strategies and tactics of the Yeakle Mass Movement lies in the fact that they are approaching the key lack of unity problem from the perspective of what the needs and wants of the people actually are. And this creative approach is poised to provide adequate answers to all the lingering problems. At the inception of the aggregate call of all Eritreans within a given city for national salvation, a grand, inclusive and accommodating Road Map is being drafted by the framers, to make sure that all Eritrean demographics and ethnic groups will be part of the equation. Long and short-term goals include organizing about 80-120 cities within an approximate six (6) month timetable. All Eritrean opposition organizations and groups will be cordially invited, without any exception, to join a friendly coalition against a common Enemy, called Esayas Afeworki. Cooperative and collaborative plans will be drawn, whereby each group will start mobilizing members in their own, respective ways, until they all meet at the third (global) stage, where the process of creating a transitional government in absentia will begin. Once all global reps are met at a centrally located city, the goal will be to equally and equitably allocate the government power to all deserving calimants, on the basis of a newly recreated organizational structure, with new set of criteria, which will include 1) numbers of Grass Roots followers, and 2) a non- discriminatory political agenda (policy) that reasonably attracts the different Eritrean ethnic and demographic groupings.

With the application of such unprecedented approaches and strategies, there is a great potential of encouraging and inspiring the vast majority of Eritreans in the Diaspora, to become an integral part of the unity process. And by doing so, the Movement expects to draw approximately 10 times (exponential increment) as many engaged participants to the different opposition camps. Eritreans’ extraordinary historical cultural traits of strong unity, affinity, cohesiveness and a sense of collaborative partnership for the purpose of the common good, will be revived. We, the Eritrean people, are the victims of our disunity, and we are also the only answers to our own problems. The few reformists, who are erroneously trying to stand in the way of the very powerful Yeakle Movement, do not have faith in their own people, which is a very sad phenomenon. The Yeakle Mass Movement has the best chance for success, and sustainability, but only if its goals and principles are properly practiced in unison, and pursued with necessary actions and sacrifices, of the coordinated forces for fundamental change from inside Eritrea, and those in the Diaspora. But such challenge is arduous that requires much more sacrifices, like human, financial and logistics, from all deleyti Fetehi in the Diaspora.

Lastly, it is through proper By-Laws, which the city-by-city members of the Yeakle Mass Movement will draft, approve and ratify that we can offer for use. However, the Task Force reps’ limited authority, accorded by their respective cities does not allow them to sign or implement any documents, without prior written approval of the individual city by city members, they come from.

The present Bayto NA By -Laws is not applicable to the Eritrean Yeakle Movement, and their 501(c)3 Federal Tax exemption filing is also in contrary to the expressed goals and principles of the Yeakle Mass Movement. Recommended remedy to the serious problem at hand, is to advise the Bayto NA Task Force members, who have exceeded their limited authority, to revert back to the proper path of collaborative mass organized process, leading to the formation of the centralization of all the involved American cities, under a single National leadership. The newly drafted common By Laws, by the newly formed national committee, during the centralization process is the only one that guides the Yeakle Mass Movement, at a national level.

Thank you, very much.

Berhe Desta
United States of America
February 13th, 2020

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The Best Path to Victory Vs. Disruptive, Unilateral Action

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